What would Brandon do?

While we wait for the new COVID IRS to approve our non profits tax exempt status (can take up to a year), we have begun a sticker scavenger hunt to spread awareness and begin funding the non profit. Brandon wanted to help others and he loved to cook. Our vision is to open a food truck that serves breakfast sandwiches in the morning and grilled cheese in the afternoon for lunch, to feed homeless youth. Because we always taught our boys the basics of life, cooking, laundry, hygiene, we also want to pass that on to teens who may not have those skills yet. The goal is the food truck is to bring in new at risk youth each month and have them help Brandon’s mom cook the food, and then give it away to any teen in need. We will also sell to the general public as a way to fund the project. We also want to meet teens weekly at a laundry mat and pay for them to do their laundry, but they have to do it so they learn that skill. We will also provide a washable bag for their clothes so they leave with clean clothes in a clean bag weekly. Bee’s Buddies will also leave a running list of teens in our program at a local hair salon so the kids can get monthly hair cuts and weekly washes if needed. We will also be looking for local public showers that are safe that the Buddies can pay for weekly to make sure the kids stay clean. We want to offer help with counseling or medication if needed. Finally the food truck will be outfitted with a small trailer on the back that has boys and girls toiletries, feminine products, first aid kits and clothing.

We will begin to sell stickers next week when the new ones arrive with the QR code directing you to Brandon’s website (you are here now). Our hope is that you leave them around your city for others to find, tag our account, and we can start a world wide scavenger hunt promoting a conversation about teen suicide.

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